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Below are the names of our missing. Where they are and what their status is we do not know. They may have been killed in action, taken prisoner, died in captivity, or are still being held. We just don't know. If they are alive, we dearly pray for their speedy and safe return. If not, then they too have paid the ultimate price for freedom. And to them too, we dedicate these pages.

The information given includes, name, rank, branch of service, home of record, and date listed as missing in action.

Operation Enduring Freedom

Currently, there are no reported POW/MIA's from Operation Enduring Freedom.

The haunting and somber melody playing in the background is "Adagio For Strings" by Samuel Barber. This sad yet unforgettable melody was chosen as the theme for the 1986 Academy Award Winning film Platoon.