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A sober and somber reminder of the cost of freedom. The Traveling Wall, a 3/4 size replica of the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., makes its way around the country, so those that may never have a chance to visit the real monument can pay their respects to the fallen heros of the Vietnam War. One of the many ceremonies held during each visit is the reading of each and every name on the wall, to show our respect for their giving their last full measure of devotion.

One need only visit it or the real monument to realize how great a sacrifice the men and women of this country made and how close and strong the pain and sorrow still are. As a sign of respect, only Vietnam Veterans who actually served in country are allowed to handle the wall and it is they that are responsible for unloading it, setting it up, and then reloading it after each display. However, ALL Vietnam Era vets and those from other wars join us in helping visitors and with other services, for all veterans, regardless of war, share a bond that cannot be explained or understood by those that have not fought, and we each feel the loss of every fallen hero, regardless of war.

If you missed it, we hope to one day have the wall return to Wichita Falls and again be displayed for all to see. If it comes again, please come and visit. You will be glad you did, for it will touch you, and you will never be the same again.........

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