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Constitution of the
Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans Chapters

This Association is chartered in the State of Texas as the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans, Inc., hereafter referred to as TAVV.

1.1 Principles.

The principles of the TAVV are patriotic allegiance to the United States of America, Fidelity to its Constitution and laws, the security of civil liberty, and the perpetuation of free institutions.

1.2 Objectives.

The objectives of the TAVV are to cherish the memories of the valiant deeds of our members; to promote true fellowship among our members; to advance the best interests of Vietnam Veterans and to enhance their prestige and understanding by example and personal activity; to simulate patriotism in the minds of our youth and to engender a national pride and interest. The TAVV shall be an organization whose emphasis will be placed on activities within the State of Texas. The TAVV may have member chapters formed in other communities within the State of Texas when deemed appropriate.

2.1 Membership.

See By-Laws.

2.2 Voting.

Each regular member in good standing shall have the right to one vote at a constituted chapter meeting. Each Board of Director member and Standing Committee member shall have right to one vote at a duly constituted State Meeting.

2.3 Voting-by-Proxy at State Meeting.

A Board of Director member or Standing Committee member may vote by proxy at a State Meeting. The proxy vote shall be in writing, signed by the individual voter and the Chapter President and submitted to the State Secretary. A proxy vote must be assigned to a like membership level within the voter's chapter. The individual assigned the proxy vote must be present at the State Meeting to cast that proxy vote. Only one proxy vote per person allowed.

2.3 Separation from Membership.

A member who wishes to terminate membership should tender his/her resignation in writing to their Chapter President and such resignation shall be accepted.

3.1 Chapter Elective Officers.

See By-Laws.

3.2 Board of Directors.

See By-Laws.

3.3 Standing Committee.

See By-Laws.

3.4 Vacancies.

See By-Laws.

3.5 Staff and Committees.

The State and Chapter President may appoint and terminate such staff members, committees, aides, and other assistants as he/she may deem appropriate from time to time.

4.1 State Elective Officers.

See By-Laws.

5.1 Financial Responsibility.

The State Board of Directors shall be responsible for all State Finances of the TAVV. Each year the State Secretary and State Treasurer together shall prepare and present to the Board of Directors for their approval, a budget of anticipated income and proposed expenditures for the up coming calendar year.

5.2 Financial Transaction.

The financial transactions of the TAVV shall be reviewed at each general membership meeting as requested by the Board of Directors in accordance with accepted principles and procedures applicable thereto. The review shall be conducted at the place of the office of record where the accounts of the corporation are normally kept. All records of monies and property of any kind owned or used by the TAVV necessary to facilitate the review shall be made available to person or persons conducting the review; and full facilities for verifying transactions with the balance or securities held by depositors, fiscal agents and custodiams shall be afforded to such person or persons.

5.3 Incurring Obligations.

See By-Laws.

6.1 Meeting of the General Membership.

State meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. A Parliamentarian will be appointed by the State President. The Parlimentarian will advise the State Board of Directors and the Standing Committee on proper conduct and interpretation of Robert's Rules of Order. The State President may call for a special meeting whenever, in his/her opinion, it is necessary for the welfare of the TAVV.