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Special Notice:

Visitors and Friends. We have had many requests from individuals for help in finding comrades with whom they served in Vietnam. Unfortunately, we are unable to help in this regard. The Department of Defense, the Military, and other organizations, in efforts to protect the families of fallen and missing comrades, will not give any information out about the whereabouts or how to find the families of Vietnam Veterans. They have proven to be inflexible in this regard and no matter the effort, they will not and have not given us any information about the Vietnam Veteran. We think this is to protect them for whatever reason.

So we respectfully ask that you reframe from making this request of us, as we cannot help, no matter how much we want to. If you go to our member's page, by clicking here here, you will find a list of members. Unless they served in the same unit during the time the member was in country, we will not be able to help. We suggest that if the member was KIA, you may check the obituary in their hometown newspaper, which would give a listing of their family, etc. If missing, you might also check the local newspaper in their hometown for info. If they survived and returned home, we have no suggestions. There is a website called Vet Friends which you can check by clicking here, which may help provide you with help. We hope you will respect our willingness to help you but understand our inability to provide this service to our comrades who served in Vietnam.

Being mindfull of the above, please proceed to our guestbook by clicking here.